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Fidelity and Guaranty announces new fixed indexed annuity

Fidelity and Guaranty Announces FG Index-Choice 10

This new FIA is now available for sale, and offers the
following competitive features:
• 3% premium bonus*
• Flexible premium with a 10-year surrender
charge duration
• Six index interest crediting options and one fixed
interest option to choose from:
• One-year point-to-point with a cap
• One-year monthly point-to-point with a cap
• One-year monthly average with a cap
• Two-year point-to-point with a cap
• Three-year point-to-point with a cap
• Point-to-point fixed declared rate on index gain
crediting option



Effective October 1, 2012, we will be implementing changes to the EFT/check guidelines. All commissions paid via EFT will pay with no minimum requirement. All commissions due for the current period will be paid. For commissions paid by check, there will be a $250 minimum check requirement. Commissions calculated must accumulate to $250 before a check will be processed. If the commission amount accumulated is still less than $250, and the balance is older than 12 months, a check will be issued. If you are not currently paid via EFT we strongly encourage you to consider signing up by faxing the EFT Form to Field Accounting at 1-319-355-2498.



Beginning on Wednesday, August 15, 2012, the TransTerm® product will no longer be available on Compulife, iPipeline, and VitalTerm with other quoting platforms to follow. This is an initial step in the withdrawal of the portfolio, which is scheduled to conclude with a full product withdrawal on Friday, September 14, 2012. Quotes will still be available for a short time on the TransWare® illustration software to assist in completing and closing cases that have already been written.

New Policy Fee & Enhanced Return of Premium Plan

Due to the current financial environment we are adding a fully commissionable $60 policy fee to our Easy Term products.

Due to the current financial environment we are adding a fully
commissionable $60 policy fee to our Easy Term products.
Please note that it has been filed and approved in all states EXCEPT
Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi and Washington (you can
continue selling the current Easy Term in these states until further
notice). Starting with all applications dated August 1, 2012, you
will need to include the policy fee in your premium calculations.
We are giving you advance notice so that you can order new
supplies (we have updated our software, Quick Quote sheets, agent
guide, sales brochures, etc.). Please don’t hesitate to contact our
Marketing Sales team with any questions at 800.736.7311 ext. 112