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Discounted Errors & Omissions Insurance

Consolidated Underwriters, Inc. is pleased to offer special rates on E&O insurance to their agents. CalSurance is offering a discounted rate for being a CUI agent and part of the Epic Marketing Group. You must represent at least one insurance company through Consolidated Underwriters to qualify for these rates.

Enrollment Month Payments      Enrollment Month Payments
Sep 2016 $530.00   Mar 2017 $293.00
Oct 2016 $490.00   Apr 2017 $253.00
Nov 2016 $451.00   May 2017 $213.00
Dec 2016 $411.00   June 2017 $174.00
Jan 2017 $372.00   July 2017 $134.00
Feb 2017 $333.00   Aug 2017 $95.00

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