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Americo Announces NEW Income Term

NEW Income Term

The Income Term decreasing term life insurance offered by Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company is a unique product designed to provide a death benefit paid in monthly income payments until the end of the Monthly Income Death Benefit Period. These monthly income payments can help a beneficiary remain in their home by covering all or a portion of a monthly mortgage payment.
Product Highlights:
Life Insurance for Income Protection – death benefit paid in monthly income payments
Simplified Issue - no medical exams; just a few simple health questions
Protection designed to help cover a variety of needs
• Monthly mortgage payments
• Real estate taxes and insurance
• Income replacement during the ‘working years’
• Lump sum death benefit alternative
Five term periods available
• 15, 20, 25, 30 years - help match the mortgage length
• To age 70 – help protect income during the ‘working years’
Personalize coverage with available riders
• Optional Accidental Death Benefit Rider with Common Carrier Provision
• Disability Income Rider
• Waiver of Premium Rider
• Involuntary Unemployment Waiver of Premium Rider