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United Home Life 2017 Maui

United Home Life 2017 Maui

Make Plans To Join Us! Paradise is just waiting for you!
Qualification Period:
The qualification period runs from February 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017.
Qualification Details:
Personally Producing Writing Agents: may qualify with at least $60,000 of Annualized First-Year Premium
(net of not-takens and lapses) during the qualification period, irrespective of Net Annualized Commissions
MGAs who don’t normally write personal production must generate $60,000 of Annualized First-Year
Commissions (net of not-takens and lapses) during the qualification period. Commission “credit” from any
personally written business cannot exceed the annualized policy premium.
Commissions generated by sub-agents (Licensed Only Agents) will count toward an upline’s production at 50% of
the first-year commission generated by those agents.
Ineligible cases:
• Cases that are declined, withdrawn, or not taken will not be counted toward qualification.
• Cases that are surrendered or lapsed during the qualification period will be counted only to the extent of
commissions earned prior to policy termination.
• Applications written on the life of the agent, members of the agent’s immediate family, or other controlled
Travel Arrangements & Details:
United Home Life (UHL) will make all necessary travel arrangements which will be booked through UHL’s
authorized travel agency, Travel Leaders. The trip includes:
• Airfare to/from Maui.
• Five nights at the Sheraton Maui Resort.
• Welcome Reception/Farewell Dinner/Group Activity.
Attendance is by Company invitation only. Invitations are not transferable without express prior
permission of the Company, and may not be redeemed for cash. Invitee must be in good standing with the
Company – acceptable persistency and placement ratios, a secured debit balance, acceptable field underwriting,
and must be duly licensed and contracted with the Company. The invitee and his/her official guest must be 18
years or older. The Company is not responsible for making arrangements for anyone other than invitee and one
adult guest. The value of the trip will be reported on Form 1099, as required by the Internal Revenue Service. All
decisions concerning the trip and the eligibility of each participant are at the sole discretion of United Home Life/
United Farm Family Life which reserves the right to change either the location or dates of this trip.