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North American's Simple Submit

North American Announces Simple Submit

Submit your business online!
North American Simple Submit: Click Here
Powered by iPipeline’s iGO e-App®, North American’s SimpleSubmit helps you close sales faster by eliminating the paperwork process. SimpleSubmit helps you complete the application process with fewer errors or missing information, schedule the paramed exam online and sign electronically. Plus, if you’re working on a tablet, you have the option tocollect a finger signature. Within minutes, you can submit business “in good order” and be on the road to getting paid faster!
Why SimpleSubmit?
Ensures your app is in good order to improve turnaround time

  • Required information is completed
  • No re-keying of information
  • Complete app packet with all supplemental forms

Convenient, real time, online paramed scheduling

  • Saves time trying to connect with client
  • No medical questions on e-App – paramed collects information at the time of exam
  • All exams done by APPS-Portamedic

Signing flexibility

  • Get it all locked up with a face-to-face e-signature (click-to-sign or finger signature on tablet)
  • If the sale isn’t face-to-face, you can choose an email e-sign, or choose to sign at the paramed appointment
  • Combination of e-signature methods available for multiple signers